Professor Sang-rok Byun ‘WIP-News is like blood vessels in our body”

Hoping that related organizations will actively promote it to improve public awareness… Need to establish and settle education system related to intellectual property

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2021-04-16 15:18:58 KST language

On 18th an interview was conducted with Sang-rok Byun a professor at Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology who is an expert in the field of medical tourism and vice-president of the Korea Medical Tourism Association when he visited to celebrate a launch of WIP-News.

Q1. To be called as a global news for intellectual property how many countries or peoples at least should be subscribed on WIP-News?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : I personally thought that about 50 countries need to subscribe in consideration of OECD countries and intellectual property powerful nations therfore minimum 500000 people should be needed..

Q2. Are there any intellectual property that could be the money?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : The Korea art content has huge potential to grow intellectual property and in particular I think a cultural content can be a strongest new leader of intellectual property because Korea’s culture could be most global.

Q3. Do you have any intellectual property such as copyrights or patents that you own or do you have anyone related to introduce?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : I don’t have any copyrights or patents but I have a company to recommend to you. The company is ‘Da-sung’ in the field of vehicle and they do research and development or delivery GM-related parts and produce locally in various countries such as Mexico. From my perspective they work hard for development of the vehicle industry in Korea with a global mind so I though that this would also be great to report in WIP-News.

Q4. Do you have any ideas that Korea needs more efforts to become a powerful intellectual property nation or that this should be changed?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : Firstly I hope that related committees or government organizations promote and educate the public to improve the public’s awareness like WIP-NEWS does. Through this people could feel a necessity and importance and will realize that an industry discovering which can lead our market is important. Although first one is means of promotion and second one is cooperation with related schools organizations and institutions if education and system are made it could be great. So I want to emphasize those two things.

Q5. If you express the intellectual property in one sentence like ‘The intellectual property is OO to me.’ what would it be?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : For me intellectual property is something to be ‘money’.

Q6. Do you have anything to say or what do you wish from WIP-News?

▶Professor Sang-rok Byun : When I heard WIP-News is launched I was very excited and anticipated. Like blood in human’s body is most important thing and it could maintain health through blood vessels important intellectual property also needs suppliers which could make connections with various possibilities. It was WIP-News that someone had to function as if blood vessels do. So I have very high expectations in the future and I saw infinite possibilities for WIP-News to grow. The slogan of All IPs in the world to Korea and Koreas IPs to the world was a great impression for me and as a scholar and a professor at a university I discovered infinite possibilities. Thus the source of information such as new gems WIP-News! We look forward to Whip News.

WIP-News! Infinite development in the future! I try to shout Way TO Go.

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