Professor Hee-Sung Lee “Intellectual Property is Hope”

Congratulatory Interview with Professor Hee-Sung Lee of Dankook University who participated in the foundation ceremony of WIP-News Subscribers quality is more important than quantity Protection for the intellectual property is hope to people who deal with contents ‘WIP-News’ Do not get tired and go to the end

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2021-04-16 15:31:50 KST language
Professor Hee-Sung Lee from Dankook University Department of Culture and Arts poses in front of the photo wall at the foundation ceremony of WIP-News.

Professor Hee-Sung Lee from Dankook University Department of Culture and Arts poses in front of the photo wall at the foundation ceremony of WIP-News.

From 3 PM to 8 PM on 10th A foundation ceremony of WIP-News which is the world intellectual property portal was held around invited guests by reducing the number of attendees as much as possible to prevent the COVID-19.

Hereafter the interview is shown with Professor Hee-Sung Lee of Dankook University.

1.Q : The best intellectual property news selected by WIP-News are provided to subscribers in local languages through world’s medias (such as newspapers medias and magazines etc.). In order to be called under the name of the world intellectual property news how many countries and people need to subscribe?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : I hope that it will be delivered to all countries. However I think it would be better if it would spread and be shared in about twenty countries among the OECE members which have influence related to intellectual property rather than the number of countries. It is good if the number of subscribers is large but I think actual subscribers who need information through medias is more important than the number of subscribers that is the quality of subscribers is more important than the number.

2.Q : What is the greatest intellectual property could be money that you know about?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : These days knowledge industries of the 4th industrial revolution are getting important. Therefore various knowledge industries possibly created are being expected by combined with technologies and contents. I think through this knowledge industries based on culture and art will take huge role in the future.

3.Q : Do you have any intellectual property right or copyrights?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : Because I specialized in I think the weakest part tourism at intellectual property is culture and art specially. In the case of literature there is a publication right but in other fields the event area is the same but I feel that it is not protected yet. There are a lot to do because systems for protecting intellectual property is needed in Korea and that kind of things are getting important as the world is globalized.

4.Q : WIP-News is planning to have time to introduce great intellectual property through live broadcast. Do you have someone around you who can boast of intellectual property such as patent technology or copyright?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : It is hard to say who it is. But through such broadcast people can realize that their fields are worth as intellectual property and also it needs to be protected in future. Industrial structures related to intellectual property are poor yet therefore I think this media could perform bigger functions so that I supports you by visiting this ceremony.

5.Q : What should Korea do more to become a powerful intellectual property nation ?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : Meanwhile other’s knowledges have been used illegally without conscious in various fields specially administration under the name of benchmarking. It is time to change because it is a huge crime. As it is a legal issue not ethics or morals changing perception is primarily needed and legalization is required through changed awareness.

6.Q : If you express the intellectual property as one sentence?

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : It is very difficult however I am going to say that the intellectual property is hope. We are first going through the era of the knowledge industry and in going to another era of convergence the protection of knowledge and information especially intellectual property is a hope for those who deal with other contents.

7.Q : If you have an order of ‘WIP-News’ which was created to easily inform the public of intellectual property and help Korea become an intellectual property hub state in the world please tell us.

▶Professor Hee-Sung Lee : I hope you do not get tired and go to the end. Although many medias are recently being produced and spread through various platforms including SNS I hope that WIP-News will remain firmly in this position for a longer period of time without getting tired. Go for it!

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