Succeeded in applying for ‘EPOXY’ patent to replace Japanese imports

Better thermal expansion coefficient than Japanese epoxy…

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2021-04-16 18:57:25 KST language
Provided by The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

Provided by The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) has developed a domestic technology to replace the Japanese epoxy used in the packaging process which is the final stage of semiconductor manufacturing.

It seals the semiconductor chip to protect from heat moisture and impact and has better thermal expansion coefficient than existing Japanese products.

This technology was transferred to ‘Samhwa Paints IND CO.LTD’ a specialized paint manufacturing company in 2018. After a long hard work of KITECH and Samhwa Paints it succeeded in stabilizing a mass production of four new epoxy resins and establishing a high-purity-high-yield ton unit production system.

In semiconductor packaging reducing the thermal expansion coefficient of the epoxy resin is the key to secure the reliability and ease of the process. Therefore this technology has a much higher coefficient of thermal expansion than Japanese epoxy chip that were commercially available so that it is going to be produced by solving the problem of defects in which the entire part is bent during the packaging process.

It is expected that the produced epoxy sealing materials are available to pack a large area more than 12 inches which was a limitation of Japanese product so that it will be applicable to manufacturing of high-performance semiconductor required to an artificial intelligence and automatic driving. Currently 14 domestic patents and 28 overseas patents including the United States Japan China and Europe have been registered.

Hyeonae-Jeon Ph.D in the fiber fusion research department at the DGIST said “With the unrivaled source technology that can change the technological superiority in the semiconductor filed where the influence of Japanese companies is absolutely undeniable the de-Japanisation will accelerate. Also we will provide close support so that mass-produced products can be successfully released and settled in the market.”

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