Chungnam National University(CNU) held a real-time technology evaluation show by utilizing the world’s first two-way communication platform

‘Green light’ to the promoting compositions of Myodifferentiation (Muscle differentiation) due to 98.4% of potential consumers clarified their intention to purchase. Positive reviews of applying in various medical fields such as Oriental medicine Reh

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Professor Kim Kee kwang (Inventor) introducing the invention of technology [Photo provided = Chungnam National Univesity LINC+]

Professor Kim Kee kwang (Inventor) introducing the invention of technology [Photo provided = Chungnam National Univesity LINC+]

Professor Kim Dong Wook (also known as the head from Chungnam National University LINC+) had hosted the CNU’s Intellectual Property Evaluation show entitled as ‘SHOW ME THE IP-SHOW ME THE Intellectual Property on 25th February. It has conducted first world wide live-streaming at the Daejeon-based WIP studio using the realtime two-way communication platform called as ‘Thankage’ which was given for the period of introducing and evaluating the technology. This show also was designated to maximize the use of new technologies by increasing the value and internal and external awareness of new technologies and discovering technology transfer companies.

This event with the topic of ‘Promoting Compositions of Myodifferentiation (Muscle differentiation)’ was performed by the inventor the expert who can evaluate the technology objectively and the host who can easily explain the technology from the public’s perspective sharing opinion about introduction of the technology and its value and about 1000 potential consumers attended online and participated in the evaluation of technology.

Prof. Kim Keekwang a professor of biochemistry at Chungnam National Univrsity (also known as the inventor) said After trying to find a more stabled natural products for muscle strengthening by following to the active aspects we have found that gallic acid had a great positive effect on the myocytes in the extraction of Gaza Plants” and explained ‘The merit of this technology which is a promoting compositions of Myodifferentiation(*muscle differentiation) that is composed with Gaza extract and gallic acids’.

Especially the inventor said “As a pharmaceutical composition of the preventing and treatment of muscle diseases we would like to expect not only preventing senile muscle loss but also to patients suffering from muscle loss due to diseases and accidents” and introduced it saying “It has been developed as medical supplies and health functional food for human so far but it will be supplied for raw ingredients needed for muscle loss for pets in the near future.”

The technology evaluation by utilizing the realtime two-way communication platform [Photo provided = Chungnam National Univesity LINC+]
For the technology evaluation conducted for online evaluators after introducing the technology 98.4% of online respondents have answered YES to the question as If I am a demand corporation are you willing to purchase this technology? presenting positive observation about the technology evaluation. Dr. Hong Seok Joo of Green International Patent Law Firm who had attended as an expert panel said “One of the merits of this technology is that it has stability since it is originated from natural substance” and added “Because it has very low possibility to cause any harm when it comes into human body and has a merit of natural substance not an artificial compound which is a field needed in modern society it has been appreciated as a very important technology” and agreed with the online evaluators.

Following to the questions above asking ‘How much value does this technology have? and How much would be a proper price for it?’ by showing contradictory opinions 46.5% answered that they have purchased it for ’50 million - 100 million won’ and 27.8% said that they have purchased it for ‘1 billion or more’. The inventor responded this answer that “It would be meaningful over monetary value if the end-users received some benefits and find their happiness and health through this technology.”

The question asking ‘When developing new treatments with this technology what do you think the fields that are most likely to be advanced most effectively?’ 46.4% answered ‘Oriental medicine’ and 45.5% answered ‘Rehabilitation medicine’. The inventor said “I am considering Rehabilitation medicine or Veterinary medicine as the development fields” and added “Lately I expanded my perspective to Veterinary medicine and it is currently being discussed with a pet food company” and said that he has been thinking about the ways of expanding the technology effectively.

Dr. Hong Seok Joo said “Oriental medicine has been developed with new prescribing research. Since the inventor’s technology can be added to adjustable prescriptions application to prescription in Oriental medicine will be available.”

After completing the evaluation prof. Kim Keekwang who participated as the inventor said “It was honorable to have the opportunity to straightly introduce the developed technology during the research process” and added as “It was a great pleasure to make interested parties of understanding and sharing the values of technology as easily as developing the technology.”

Dr. Hong Seok Joo said “For the admirable and outstanding technologies influenced by Chungnam National University could be enthusiastically revealed and utilized in the commercializing field with a technology consumer focused valuation I thought we should do our best for it.”

In the meantime Chungnam National University has ranked first in the region of Chungcheong and has placed 13th in the nation as following to the technology transfer performance (as of July 2020) and more than 160 cases of technology transfer contracts are annually signed as well as it is valued for 2 billion won. Furthermore by the job inventions of students and professors given about 40-50 new patents are being registered annually and the capable resources and networks for responding to the technology demands found in the Daejeon and other Chungcheong regions are being possessed as following to the establishment of small technology transfer association for the Technology Finance Corporation and other small enterprises.

Prof. Kim Dong Wook the head of organization said “We look forward to increase the awareness and knowledge property values possessed by CNU and continue to expand promotion for encountering prospective technology users.” and added “By the upcoming event called “SHOW ME IP 2021” that will be held in April we have been preparing to meet new technologies.

For any inquiries related to technology transfer as invented technology please contact as following: Chungnam National Univerity (CNU) Industry-Academic Cooperation Technical Commercialization Team (042-821-7011)

The technology evaluation by utilizing the realtime two-way communication platform [Photo provided = Chungnam National Univesity LINC+]

The technology evaluation by utilizing the realtime two-way communication platform [Photo provided = Chungnam National Univesity LINC+]

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