Schneider Electric Distributes Universal Automation Solution EAE in Phoenix Contacts Automation Product Line

Schneider Electric Deploys EAE Based on UAO Runtime Engine in Phoenix Contacts Automation Products

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2024-07-09 16:11:50 KST language

Global leader in energy management and automation Schneider Electric ( Korea Branch CEO Kim Kyung-Rok) has announced the deployment of its open automation solution ‘EcoStruxure Automation Expert’ (EAE) in the automation product line of German-based global technology company Phoenix Contact.

Schneider Electrics EAE is the world’s first open automation solution based on the Universal Automation Organization (UAO) Runtime Engine. This groundbreaking solution separates automation software from hardware allowing seamless integration across multiple automation vendors providing unprecedented flexibility in the industrial sector. It also offers enhanced agility and simplicity for system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in industrial automation.

The integration of EAE into Phoenix Contacts PLCnext Technology enables users to develop and deploy applications on multiple PLCnext controllers. Utilizing the UAO Runtime Engine users can unlock the full potential of the PLCnext controllers.

Both Schneider Electric and Phoenix Contact are members of the Universal Automation Organization (UAO) a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting open automation. They share the UAO Runtime Engine which provides simple application portability and interoperability offering industrial operators a new level of engineering and maintenance efficiency.

The UAO Runtime Engine is based on the IEC61499 standard enabling the creation and execution of hardware-independent software applications. This redefines software automation freeing industries from closed proprietary automation platforms and maximizing the potential of Industry 4.0.

Andrew Vanderpool Senior Project Engineer at Phoenix Contact and co-chair of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) stated “Our collaboration with Schneider Electric has proven the flexible and open nature of PLCnext Technology. We look forward to seeing how PLCnext Technology and universal automation can continuously enhance automation operations.”

Fabrice Jadot Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Next Generation Automation Solutions Incubator commented “The deployment of EAE in Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology demonstrates that open automation solutions can be applied across diverse systems providing greater flexibility in the rapidly changing digital world. No single company can achieve the goals of Industry 4.0 alone. This deployment of the EAE solution shows that an open architecture and an expanded partner ecosystem can positively impact industrial operations.”

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