Korea-China Officials Join Hands to Protect Intellectual Property Rights of Chinese Enterprises

Korea-China Intellectual Property Protection Officials Meeting and Seminar for Export Companies in China Held

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2024-07-09 16:18:33 KST language

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) led by Commissioner Kim Wan-gi has announced the operation of the Korea-China Intellectual Property Exchange Meeting from July 9th (Tue) to July 12th (Fri) inviting Chinese officials and relevant agencies related to intellectual property rights (IPR) to Korea.

With the recent surge in overseas expansion of Korean companies issues related to intellectual property rights such as the unauthorized preemption of K-brands overseas trademarks and counterfeit damages have been on the rise. Since 2008 KIPO has been running intellectual property exchange meetings with major countries to protect the overseas IPR of Korean companies.

This exchange meeting involves inviting Chinese officials and related agencies responsible for IPR enforcement and administrative duties in China. The program includes ❶ Korea-China IPR Protection Officials Meeting ❷ IPR Protection Seminar for Chinese Export Companies and ❸ Company Site Visits.

❶ The Korea-China IPR Protection Officials Meeting will be held on July 10th (Wed) at 10:00 AM at the Government Complex in Daejeon. This meeting will introduce KIPO’s IPR protection work and share opinions and information related to IPR protection between the two countries. It will also provide an opportunity to promote exchange and cooperation between the two agencies.

❷ The IPR Protection Seminar for Chinese Export Companies will be held on July 11th (Thu) at 10:00 AM at Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The seminar targets IPR managers from 20 Chinese export companies and includes an introduction to the visiting Chinese delegation and their work a presentation on China’s IPR system and a Q&A session.

During this seminar the Chinese side will present on various IPR issues that concern Korean companies investing or entering China including:

Offline counterfeit goods enforcement procedures and measures in China
Procedures and necessary documents for reporting counterfeit goods
Methods for calculating the scale of counterfeit damage
Policies and criteria for determining malicious trademark applications
Key provisions of the revised Chinese Trademark Law
The seminar will also include a session where Korean companies can ask questions and the Chinese side will provide answers.

❸ The Company Site Visit will take place on July 11th (Thu) at 3:30 PM at Nongshim’s Anyang Plant. This visit will allow Korean companies operating in China to directly convey their local IPR issues to the Chinese IPR officials and discuss measures for local IPR protection.

Jung In-sik Director of the Industrial Property Protection Cooperation Bureau at KIPO stated Protecting IPR is becoming increasingly important as companies expand overseas. We hope this seminar will provide a valuable opportunity for our companies to understand and utilize China’s IPR system effectively.

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