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Highlights of the Standard Patent Creation Support Project Trends in Overseas Standard Patent Systems and More

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2024-07-09 16:20:54 KST language

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) headed by Commissioner Kim Wan-ki announced the hosting of the Standard Patent Strategy Dissemination Conference on July 5th (Friday) at 2 PM in the Orce Hall of the EL Tower in Seocho-gu Seoul.

Standard Patent:* A patent that includes standardized technology determined by a standardization body essential for the production of related products.

The conference was organized to share excellent cases of the KIPOs standard patent creation support project and strategies linking corporate R&D standards and patents. The goal was to enhance the standard patent capabilities of Korea’s industry academia and research institutes.

Standard Patent Creation Support Project: A project supporting the acquisition of standard patents by industry academia and research institutes aiming to obtain standard technology.
Strategy of Linking R&D Standards and Patents: A strategy to create excellent patent technologies through R&D and reflect them in international standards to secure standard patents.
The event included:

Awarding Outstanding Institutions in the Standard Patent Creation Support Project: Recipients included Professor Choi Soo-han’s research lab at Dankook University (Minister of Trade Industry and Energy Award) Kiwoom Tech (KIPO Commissioner Award) and the Korea Conformity Laboratories (KIPO Commissioner Award).
Special Lecture on Standard Patents: Presented by Vice President Jang Ho-sik of Avanci a global standard patent licensing platform covering topics like platform overview and future plans.
Lectures on Standardization and Standard Patent Strategies: Featuring representatives from KT (6G) IoT Communication Tech (quantum communication) and Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (electric vehicle charging).
Trends in Overseas Standard Patent Systems: The KIPO introduced the draft regulations on standard patent licensing proposed by the European Commission (EC) in April last year and passed by the European Parliament in February this year aimed at enhancing transparency and predictability in standard patent licensing.
Commissioner Kim Wan-ki stated “As the convergence and fusion of industries based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) become more common the scope of influence of standard patents is expanding.” He added “To improve the patent trade balance by strengthening national standard patent competitiveness we will significantly expand the support paradigm from just focusing on creating standard patents to also include supporting their application.”

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